War's of the South

Session 2: The Search for Lyear Morningshroud

The team looks for clues about the presence of fey touched locales

Quick Synopsis:

The group returns from the mountains having cleaned out a dwarven encampment from the goblin raiders which overran the station. They discovered the presence of an orc there relating instructions for further actions. This unlikely alliance was cut short however, as the adventurers made quick work of goblinoids. This was reported to Durn along with the lack of survivors.

Our feyborne character continue to search out clues for their respective quests and have joined forces in a surprising turn of events. Volk returns to the Iron Tap after a night spent at an underground boxing club. He goes to sleep off the beatings and hangover and wakes up to find his purse a little heavier than when he left and receiving some respect from those in the know. Curiously his heirloom headband contains some new adornments.

Recovering from his ordeal the night before Volk agrees to help guide the party down to Whitebridge where he was considering traveling anyway. Once there they begin to search for Lyear and are directed to Theros, a member of The Crimson Dawn. This man is clearly beleaguered attempting to secure this area and indicates Lyear has failed to return from running a patrol he carries out. The party sets out on his trail and as of now his fate is unknown.


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