Elves of Eberron

The elves o fEberron are a strange people, sometimes seeming as a lien to humans as do orcs or goblins. The elves who dwell among humans are approachable and have world views that match those of their neighbors. The elves of Aerenal and Valenar are aloof, though , unwilling to concern themselves with the affairs of the races that they regard as petty and


Elves originally came from Xen’drik. They descended from the Eladrin of the feyspire city of Shae Tirias Tolai. Millennia ago, the giants of Xen’drik sacked the city and enslaved its Eladrin inhabitants. The Eladrin toiled in slavery for years before eventually rebelling and fleeing Xen’drik. Generations of isolation from the Feywild fundamentally changed them, though.

The Eladrin became what the inhabitants of Eberron now call elves. The refugees colonized the small continent of Aerenal, where most have remained. Some departed Aerenal to settle on Khorvaire before the rise of Galifar, and more elves came to Khorvaire as mercenaries during the Last War under the leadership of High King Vadallia. These elves now inhabit Valenar.

With few exceptions, elves worship their ancestors in the form of the Undying Court or the Spirits of the Past.


Many of *Khorvaire*’s elves dwell in the nation of Valenar, although the majority of elves in Eberron remain in Aerenal. Although these elves are willing to trade and interact with outsiders, neither community welcomes visitors.

Elves represent a significant minority in many nations. These elves often have more in common with the races around them than with the elves of their ancient homelands.


For a time, Phiarlan was the only elven dragonmarked house, but during the Last War, factions within Phiarlan formed a house caJled Thuranni. Today, Phiarlan and Thuranni are fierce competitors.

History tells of a thirteenth mark- the Mark of Death- that once existed among elves. However, the mark was supposedly exterminated long ago.


More information can be found: http://eberron.wikia.com/wiki/Elves

Elves of Eberron

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