Goldguard, the Ward of the East

Goldguard is one of principle cities of the kingdom. The Wards are meant to anchor the regions they occupy. Goldguard is the southern and easternmost Ward. It is situated just off the Whiterush River. While it holds the title of Ward, Goldguard is more of a fortified border town. The seat of the Grey family power, this town is the nerve center of the kingdoms efforts to civilize its frontier and gain access to the resources this area has to offer.

Adventurers flock to Goldguard as a base of operations for expeditions beyond the frontier. There is a full operational “Adventures Guild” based out of the city. Run by a taciturn man named Durn Holstaff it is little more than a veneer applied to noble or royal contracts that for one reason or another do not have official sanction. Durn runs his operation out of his tavern The Iron Tap, which is a fixture in the lower portions of the city.

There are a number of official organizations based here however. This is the seat of several trading guilds, the porters guild, and of course maintains a city watch.

There is also a good deal of industry developing in Goldguard. While not the icon of civilization like its colleagues to the North, Goldguard is rapidly developing into a powerful political seat and is catching up to the status larger cities enjoy.

Goldguard, the Ward of the East

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