Wars of the South

The Story:
This campaign takes place in the southern territories. The events of this story come on the tail end of the God’s War. Most of the fighting forces of the kingdom are still away in the north putting down the insurrection in the providence of Tatasca. Meanwhile, there are stirring far to the souths around Goldguard, the Ward of the East as activity on the frontier increases.

Character Creation:
Here are some note to use for character creation, including permitted character races/classes. If you have supplements I have not had a chance to review yet let me know and I will green light stuff that is of interest and fits the game. So far I have only looked through the 3 various Players handbooks. As of this moment I am not allowing psionic characters. I am looking at using method 2, the point method, for stat generation out of the first PH.

If you look in the second PH you will find a section on backgrounds. Everyone should look at these and pick 3. Once you got this done let me know. I think it would be handy too if we post up the character sheets here for easy of review. No one wants me to scale things on a guess :)


War's of the South

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